Land to Sell?

We look at any potential development site within our land search area outlined below (as well as selected sites in the South West). We are always willing to consider the opportunity of purchasing land, which others may dismiss. We are particularly interested in acquiring the following types of land:

  • Garden Land (Including land which may require assembling several neighbours gardens)
  • Infill development land (land in between existing housing)
  • Brownfield land
  • Houses on Large plots
  • Strategic development land (usually greenbelt land close to existing urban areas or villages)
  • Agricultural and commercial buildings
  • Land with Planning permission

Why Kingswood Homes?

We are a fast-growing and forward thinking company. We have an extensive track record of achieving planning permissions, because we offer tailored solutions that take into account the need of the land owners as well as local political, social and environmental factors.


We offer:

  • Highly competitive land bids, tailored to your requirements
  • We are happy to undertake a non-committal meeting to discuss any potential development opportunity
  • We can produce a land offer quickly
  • We are happy to involve landowners in the design process (particularly when they are intending to remain living next to one of our developments)
  • We produce bespoke house types, which gives us more flexibility in achieving a planning approval
  • There is no cost to the landowner at any time as we we pay all fees associated with gaining an approval

If you think there may be an opportunity for development with either your property or combined with your neighbours please get in touch with the following details;


Shaun Hussey

Development Director
BSc (Hons) Residential Development

Mob: 07988879847